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PharmaVision aspires to further develop and sustain its preferred partner status in local and international pharmaceutical markets leaning on its high-technology facilities and its superior quality approach. Continuous improvement of the company is ascertained through careful implementation of current good manufacturing practices, effective operational procedures and quality standards, in addition to making continuous equipment and facility investments, as well as hiring and training well-qualified personnel.

With its superior quality approach and high technological standards, PharmaVision, which produces pharmaceuticals for local and international markets, provides manufacturing services also for exports to the European Union countries, thanks to holding EU GMP certification.

In compliance with the industry’s requirements, the manufacturing of cephalosporin (oral and sterile powder) and oral penicillin products are performed in completely separate facilities at PharmaVision.

PharmaVision offers manufacturing services for the following pharmaceutical forms:

  • Tablets (dry granulation, wet granulation, direct compression, film coating and sugar coating)
  • Capsules and sachets
  • Ampoules, vials for injection (sterile liquid and powder)
  • Syrups (liquid and powder), suspensions, solutions, drops and sprays
  • Creams, gels,ointments and emulsions

PharmaVision provides the following services:

  • Superior-quality and high-technology pharmaceutical manufacturing services,
  • Execution of manufacturing site transfers,
  • Product improvements,
  • Preparation of technical documents for registration or variation applications of transferred products.