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Social Responsibility

The most important investment is the one made for education and for future adults

sep Social Responsibility
Global Compact (2010-2020)

Social Responsibility

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Throughout its deep-rooted existence since 1954, PharmaVision has always valued social responsibility goals as much as commercial targets. Environmental and social activities undertaken following our “People First” philosopy have been crowned with local and international awards and certificates.

Our executives conduct academic seminars in order to enhance the co-operation between universities and the industry in line with our motto “The most important investment is the one made for education and for future adults”. In addition to these activities, a primary school has been built in Düzce Earthquake Zone in order to provide a permanent contribution to education. Our school is being continuously supported using the funds, which are raised through the recovery of the recyclable waste from our manufacturing facility. This project has been awarded the Environment Award dedicated to the deceased researcher and educationist Prof. Dr. Kriton Curi.

PharmaVision has also expanded its social responsibility concept that benefits education, by undertaking cultural activities, an example of which is the publishing of desk calendars focusing on the historical values of Istanbul’s various neighborhoods or archeological assets of Turkey. In addition to these calendars, which reveal cultural heritages, valuable books, that are worth reference books and cover sections of the history of medicine and pharmaceuticals are published in the context of PharmaVision Cultural Editions.

Our contribution to the Turkish Affiliate of ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, the biggest and the most prestigious professional organization within the pharmaceutical industry), the establishment of which (in December 2005) required a substantial portion of our company’s resources and time as the spearhead, is continuing.  The ISPE Seminars attended by globally recognized international experts are in great demand within the Turkish pharmaceutical community. In November 2007 ISPE Turkey received the "Affiliate of the Year" award for its achievements in innovation, rapid growth and contributions to the Society during the ISPE Annual meeting, which was held in Las Vegas, USA.

In order for our country’s pharmaceutical industry to gain much needed pharmaceutical engineers, under the leadership of our company and supported by a project developed by ISPE Health Sciences Association, a Pharmaceutical Engineering course was established at Istanbul University. This course first started as an elective course and has now turned into a required course. Additionally, since 2011-2012 after receiving approval from YÖK (Higher Education Institution) in a joint venture between the Engineering and Pharmacy departments of Istanbul University, a graduate program is implemented.

Within the scope of a protocol between ISPE Turkey and the Ministry of Education, the program of “Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician” has been initiated for the first time in Turkey at Kadırga Vocational High School starting with the 2008-2009 school year and a Process Laboratory has been established in order to facilitate a practical hands-on education. For these educational projects, ISPE Turkey received in 2011, the Golden Mortar award under the category of Industrial Employment.   

To get more information regarding the accomplishments achieved and future goals set by ISPE Turkey, whose establishment in 2005 was spearheaded by our company, please watch the 10th anniversary video. Click here to see the video.

Following the accomplishments on the 10th anniversary year of the Affiliate, ISPE Turkey Affiliate was recognized for the second time with "Affiliate of the Year Award” in the awards ceremony of ISPE Annual Meeting that was held on 18-21 September 2016 in Atlanta, USA for its service to membership and innovative contributions towards the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

For more information please visit:www.ispe.org.tr



Based on various agreements of Human Rights Statement and global and local regulations about work life;
1. All compliance regulations regulating work life are interpretated and applied benefitting the employees,

2. Employment of children and young people are not allowed if adversely affecting their education and development,

3. Healthy, safe and uninhibited working conditions are provided for the employees by means of regular working hours,

4. Concerning selecting and hiring processes of the employees, the main principle is that without any discrimination all employees are given an equal opportunity for professional improvements who have the required skills and experiences to do the job,

5. In case of disciplinary actions, methods such as physical punishments, physical or psychological actions or discriminations are never applied,

6. For all employees, a compensation system regarding their education levels, jobs performed, their competencies and performance criteria and aiming this century’s life standards in the country is adopted.

In line with our main philosophy “People First”, we declare that we will provide a working environment
- that is safe, reputable and work ethics are treated with care,
- employees know clearly what the expectations are,
- assessment of their performances is done by mutual and transparent interviews,
- motivate for the participation in team works in order to make their comments and creative ideas.

Dr.Ünsal Hekiman
Chairman of the Board/General Manager