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Quality Operations

Efficiency, safety and product quality guarantee in pharmaceutical production

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Quality Assurance

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The high performance of our Quality Assurance Department, which ensures quality, safety and efficacy attributes that are crucial in pharmaceutical manufacturing, is achieved thanks to our quality policy aiming superior quality and total customer satisfaction and by meticulously applying our operation procedures.

PharmaVision’s Quality Assurance Department was established as this concept was just being introduced in the global pharmaceutical industry. Today, with its specialized groups in different quality aspects, it has evolved into an efficient system carrying out various activities for the continuous improvement of our products and processes.

In our company where superior product quality is repeatedly ensured through various performance indicators, we are constantly striving for guaranteeing the security of our assets and of our resources, including the security of the information provided by our customers and for keeping our relationship with our customers’ employees at an optimum level.  Quality management modules such as Change Controls, Deviations, Complaints, Internal - External Audits, Risk Management, Corrective - Preventive Actions, Training and Document Management are handled swiftly through computer-aided systems, all carried out in a paperless environment, thus enabling quicker internal and external exchanges and approvals.

A comprehensive corporate self-assessment is also part of our arsenal for ensuring superior quality.  In this continuous process that is dynamic in itself, activity results are systematically assessed for efficacy, suitability and sufficiency in light of the importance accorded to development and continually improved.