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Quality Operations

Efficiency, safety and product quality guarantee in pharmaceutical production

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Quality Control

Quality Control

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PharmaVision’s Quality Control Department performs controls for all starting and packaging materials as well as necessary analyses throughout manufacturing processes, in addition to finished product testing and area controls; at the same time displaying a leading role in their field with various other activities. In our laboratories, all operations are carried out meticulously and independently from all other departments, by a strong team, which includes members of various backgrounds, including pharmacists, biologists, chemists and chemical engineers.

The Analytical, In-Process, Microbiological, Packaging Material and Analytical Development Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide our customers with a wide array of services such as release testing, analytical validation, dissolution profiles, stability follow-ups, microbiological testing, area and hygiene monitoring.

Additionally, in our high-efficiency laboratories, computer-supported systems such as Laboratory Reporting System, Stability Follow-up System, Reactive-Standard Stock Management System are used; furthermore data storage and data recovery are assured.

Passing with flying colors the audits conducted by various companies and institutions, our Quality Control Department ensures superior analytic performance by constantly monitoring performance indicators such as analytical method validation completion percentages and quality control cycle times.


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