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PharmaVision Information and Personal Data Security Slogan Contest


The "Information and Personal Data Security Slogan Contest" was held at PharmaVision, who was first to receive the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and first overall to receive the ISO 27701 Personal Data Security Management System Certification in Turkey.

At the end of the slogan contest, which attracted a high level of participation, those ranking in the top three were given awards. Banners were also prepared for the first ten-ranked slogans and exhibited in the workplace with the aim to raise the awareness of the employees about information and data security.

We would like to congratulate our employees who ranked in the top ten in the slogan contest and thank all of our employees who participated in the contest for their valuable contributions. 

Please note that the slogans that may rhyme in the original Turkish language were merely translated to English below and thus may not have the same impact in their translated version.

1. Protect your personal data to prevent it from becoming an object of fraud. – Mr. Tahsin Onar

2. Your personal data is valuable, it is up to you to secure it.– Mr. Ahmet Akboynuz 

3. Make sure you are the only one to remember your password, threats are always around. – Ms. Lora Çimen 

4. Let your life flow as you wish, but protect your personal data. – Mr. Levent Erdoğan 

5. Do not think that information becomes safe when it is digitalized; remember, only you have the key to protect everything!– Mr. Nizamettin Üzümci 

6. Live by protecting your personal data, not by sharing it.– Mr. Evrim Öztürk

7. Do not underestimate the virtual environment, do not pull the plug on reality.– Mr. İsmail Çevik

8. The virtual environment is full of invisible traps, you must have you your personal protection there too.– Mr. Sezai Gedik 

9. The magnitude of the threat begins with the smallness of the negligence. Protect your security.– Mr. Mehmet Akif Dalcı

10. Let's be aware of social engineering and stand against suspicious communications.– Ms. Kübra Ağcıoğlu