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Asset Management System (ISO 55001)

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PharmaVision, whose main activity is toll manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, through its asset management system, aims to accrue maximum value from its assets via efficient use of machinery, equipment and workforce, our most valuable asset, by meticulously following the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and meeting the high quality requirements of our company, which are beyond the latter, through effective operating procedures. Our asset management system was certified by ICAS (International Conformity Assessment Service Inc., subsidiary of Turkish Standards Institute TSE . PharmaVision is the first company in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry to obtain this certificate.

* ICAS is accredited by UAF (United Accreditation Foundation).
Our Asset Management Policy:
The purpose of the asset management policy of our company, which produces medicinal products destined to national and international markets, for domestic and multinational companies, is as follows:
1) To constantly improve the company, by considering the compliance with the legislation a bare minimum, keeping the sense of quality and the protective approach to the environment above commercial targets, meticulously following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), with effective operating procedures and quality standards, through informed decision making processes when investing continuously in the plant and equipment, employing a qualified workforce and using a sustainable asset management approach,
2) To increase the capacity utilization and efficiency by constantly reviewing and improving the processes, procedures and asset performance, in order to have a positive impact on PharmaVision's corporate goals,
3) To consistently meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders and to provide improved services that exceed these expectations by ensuring an effective balance between costs, risks, opportunities and performance and guaranteeing the performance of assets by making sure that the financial and non-financial functions are aligned,
4) To provide regular trainings and to conduct awareness raising activities and internal audits in order to ensure the continuity of our asset management practices and to establish the employees' self-consciousness about their responsibilities.
With the participation and support of all our employees and allocating the necessary resources, we undertake to continuously improve our performance by taking the standards of Asset Management System as a reference, also taking into account the laws and regulations, our voluntary commitments and the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders. We are also committing to measure our performance and to continuously improve our management system with the participation of all our stakeholders and by providing the necessary resources and to keep our policy open to internal and external communication.
Chairman of the Board / General Manager