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Risk Management Verification Certificate (TS ISO 31000)

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The purpose of the TS ISO 31000 Risk Management at our company, which produces medicinal products destined to national and international markets, for domestic and multinational companies, is to proactively evaluate possible opportunities and threats through risk assessments realized for all business processes in order to manage them within predetermined frameworks of risk levels and to reach strategic goals. 


  • Safe and high quality products, are manufactured according to standards by employees having high awareness levels, appropriate education and training. Risks that will endanger the quality, efficacy, reliability of the product and patient health are considered as unacceptable risks.
  • In line with continuous technological improvement, preventive measures are carried out. 
  • Customer satisfaction and continuity are ensured within the scope of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), standard operating procedures and agreements by considering people and human health as a priority, by accepting compliance with regulations as a bare minimum and by keeping the sense of quality and the protective approach to the environment above commercial targets.
  • Within the framework of risk management, the performance of the processes is monitored, the opportunities and threats are evaluated by managing the risks proactively and the necessary resources are allocated in order to manage the risks.
  • Risk management plays a decisive role in all decision-making mechanisms. 
  • Risks are managed by all employees and responsibilities are determined.

We accept to abide by the official regulatory requirements as a minimum and commit to the fact that our Risk Management Policy will be shared with all our stakeholders, that it will be regularly revised, and that we will work with the aid of all our employees for continuous development of the system’s efficiency.


Dr. Ünsal Hekiman
Chief Executive Officer/General Manager