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Energy Management System (TS EN ISO 50001)

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TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Certificate

PharmaVision, the preferred business partner of the sector, is aware that the production of pharmaceuticals can only be made sustainable by the efficient use of natural resources. During its ever increasing production activities, it attaches great importance to energy efficiency and environmental investments in order to leave a healthy environment to future generations by adhering to the principles of "People First" and "Respect for Nature" and turns towards renewable energy resources. Within the framework of the management approach targeting sustainable development, all activities are carried out with respect to the environment, the value given to natural resources and the needs of future generations and energy is used efficiently in all business processes. Energy efficiency studies are constantly monitored to make the necessary savings. In all investment, procurement, production and production support processes, environmental protection and occupational health and safety activities are kept at the highest level.

In line with the principle "Less energy, more product", our company aims to reduce the carbon footprint and ensure the balance of production with sustainable energy use and contribute to the spread of environmental awareness by sharing its expertise. Many studies have been carried out under the coordination of the Energy Management System working group and the group aimed to increase the sensitivity to energy savings with information sharing and awareness trainings.

In this context, PharmaVision received the TS EN 16001 Energy Management System certificate in 2011 as the first company in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector. Later, with the revision of the standard, PharmaVision was again first to receive the TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificate in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector in 2012. PharmaVision is rightly proud of being a pioneer in this subject within the Turkish pharmaceutical industry.


The aim of our energy policy, which covers all the services we provide to our customers and all units in our company, which produces pharmaceuticals for national and international markets for domestic and multinational companies, is as follows;

  • To execute all of our operations in the scope of our Responsible Care Commitment by giving top priority to our respect for the environment, to the value we attribute to natural resources and to the needs of the next generations,
  • To sustain continuous improvement of energy performances at each operational unit through technological investments,
  • To continue training and awareness-raising activities targeting employees and other stakeholders on the efficient use of energy, renewable energy and climate change,
  • To support procurement and design of products and services resulting in efficient energy usage, in order to improve our energy performance,
  • To carry out studies to implement and develop a proactive Energy Management System based on sustainable development.

We undertake to review our Energy Policy regularly, to keep it open to internal and external communication, and to carry out our work by providing the necessary resources to continuously improve the effectiveness of the system, accepting compliance with the TS EN ISO 50001 standard, legal regulations, the needs of relevant parties and other requirements, including voluntary commitments, as a minimum condition.

Dr. Ünsal Hekiman
Chairman of the Board/General Manager