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Responsible Care® is the global chemical industry’s unique initiative to improve health, safety and environmental performance and to communicate with stakeholders about products and processes.

It has been adopted in Turkey since 1993 under the leadership of the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association.

Our company ranks among the first co-signers of the Responsible Care® Commitment, which has been introduced to our country in 1993.

The main principles of Responsible Care® are:
• Employee Health and Occupational Safety
• Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection
• Distribution
• Community Awareness – Emergency Response
• Process Safety
• Product Stewardship

After signing the Responsible Care® Commitment with the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association in 1993, our institution has received Responsible Care® Awards in 1995, 2001 and 2005 in recognition of our exemplary environmental, health and safety track record. As a result of the project application in 2005, our company received an Honorable Mention from CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).

Site visits/inspections conducted periodically by the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association, under the scope of our Responsible Care®, executed in line with Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems, have all occurred successfully.  

Our work is also evaluated on an international scale. The President of CEFIC-European Chemical Industry Council Mr. Giorgio Squinzi and his Assistants Mr. Marcello Accorsi and Mr. Francesco Fiori, along with CEFIC’s General Director Mr. Hubert Mandery came to our country in September 2012 and visited our site along with members of the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association and Association Directors. During the visit, our practices under the scope of our Responsible Care® program were shared and discussed.

Dr.Ünsal Hekiman
Chairman of the Board/General Manager