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Manufacturing & Logistics

20,000 sqm of indoor production facility within an open area of 50,000 sqm, suitable for all forms of pharmaceuticals

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Solid Manufacturing
Semi-Solid Manufacturing
Sterile Liquid Manufacturing
Non-Sterile Liquid Manufacturing
Injectable Cephalosporin
Oral Cephalosporin
Oral Penicillin
Materials Management

Non-Sterile Liquid Manufacturing

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Two syrup and suspension production vessels and two drop and spray production vessels located in our Non-Sterile Manufacturing facilities are fed sugar and xylitol by direct connections from the Big Bag station located in the computer-assisted weighing unit.

Once the mixtures are prepared in modern production vessels with closed transfer system capabilities, high-speed filling, cartoning, casing and palletizing operations are carried out uninterruptedly in lines equipped with track and trace systems (2D Data Matrix).