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20,000 sqm of indoor production facility within an open area of 50,000 sqm, suitable for all forms of pharmaceuticals

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Materials Management

Materials Management

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Our customer-focused supply chain, which encompasses all logistics activities related to production phases, aims to deliver products with the required quality attributes in a timely manner. Our experience with Good Logistics Practices enables us to fulfill our customers’ requirements in a flexible fashion, without any compromise on quality or cost.

PharmaVision handles all its logistical activities from raw material procurement to finished product dispatch with a successful materials management system in its 4,200 pallet capacity warehouses, where raw materials, packaging materials and finished products are kept.

Warehousing operations are carried out based on the principle of first using the material which has the nearest expiry date (FEFO - First Expiry First Out), utilizing addressed shelf systems and SAP technology assuring stock movements in a reliable fashion. High technology NIR instrumentation is used for incoming raw material controls, resulting in rapid inspection times.

Through an electronic supply information service (e-supply) pioneered by our company in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, companies for whom we manufacture in toll, are having uninterrupted access to information about their starting ingredient and material usages, deliveries, current and past stock levels and the in-process stages of their products, in a web environment. At their request, we can also transmit our customers’ 2D matrix data over e-supply.  SSL encryption is used in our e-supply system, thus enabling strong data protection.

Besides being an indication of our understanding of operational excellence, this electronic supply information service also helps the companies for whom we manufacture in toll, to work with minimum stock levels and to have fast market access.